Gravity MTB Online Strength and Conditioning Program

Gravity MTB Online Strength and Conditioning Program

Do you want to get in good shape and feel ride ready and for the Mountain Bike season but don’t like going to the gym? You are not the only one! Mountain Bikers typically prefer to get away from the hustle and bustle and spend their favorite time outside or in the comfort of their own home. That’s what makes this program so great, you can do the workouts at home with very little set up needed or financial investment. The only real investment is your commitment to doing the work and it’s well worth it because in just a couple months you could be powering up every climb, shredding through the technical sections on your favorite trails and conquering the descents…. all with more control, more confidence and maximizing your fun!

The Gravity MTB Strength and Conditioning program is the ideal 8 week online Mountain Bike specific training program and created just for you. The in-depth program consists of 3 workouts each week. All workouts include a warm up, a strength component, an accessory conditioning segment and video tutorials to help master the movements. Workouts take approximately 45 minutes.

Stage 1 is the 8 week online program for purchase below.

There is also an option to purchase the online program called Stage 2, this includes 2 virtual personal training sessions and a couple of virtual check-ins during the 8 weeks with Janna Mackenzie-Scott, Gravity MTB’s certified fitness coach. The virtual sessions will ensure you feel confident that you are moving properly and safely while doing the program.

After you have completed Stage 1 or 2, we have your next Stage waiting for you if you want to continue your online Mountain Bike Strength and Conditioning Program throughout the season.

Work Hard, Ride Better!





Program Options for Purchase:


Stage 1 – 8 week online program with video tutorials – Price $209 + GST.

Stage 2 – 8 week online program, with video tutorials and 2 virtual personal training sessions – Price $309 + GST.


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