Skill Development Coach Race

With over 20 years combined coaching experience

from kids to adults our goal is to provide good times

along with educating our peers on what we consider

the greatest sport on the planet!







Skill Development



Scavenger Hunt #2!!

Where is the second Gravity MTB swag bag...
this video is your only hint this week!
Get out there and tag us with a photo post when you’ve found it so we can share and call off the hounds!

Make sure you’re following the page. We’ve got two more scavenger hunts over the next couple of weeks!

Happy Hunting!

GIRLS CLUB!! No boys allowed 🙅🏼‍♀️

The crew crushed it tonight!
These women are all incredibly strong riders as well as the most amazing mentors! 🙌🏼

Which is what girls club is all about!

#gravitymtb #gravitymtbkids #girlsclub #goodtimes #mentorship


Get ready Cumberland! We’re going to be hiding a sneaky scavenger surprise loaded with swag somewhere in the trail network. We’re going to hide one every weekend for 4 weeks!
🌲 🌲 🌲
We’ll post a clue and short clip to help you find it, and when you do we ask that you share a photo and tag us!
That way others will know it’s been picked up too!

Hint #1 trail rhymes with BAT! 🦇

Don’t get discouraged if you miss out on this one, follow our page for more scavenger prizes over the next few weeks!

#gravitymtb #gravitymtbscavengerhunt

Feist your eyes!😍😍😍

We’ve got some amazing sponsors on board this year, the team and the Gravity Van have never looked better!


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Feelin thirsty?? 🤤💦🙌🏼

We’ve got your water bottles!
We’ll be working on the online store this season, but here’s a little peep at some goodies! 😉🤘🏼💦

#gravitymtb #waterbottle #bidon #goodtimes #sonsofgravity

Wow!! Big thanks to this footage turned out so good! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

A couple weeks ago the gravity boys came out for a team practice of starts and sprints!
The boys are lookin good and ready for the season ahead!

#gravitymtbdevelopmentteam #canadianDH #dronephotography #goodtimes #mtb
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What a rad crew we have this year!
Our coaches really are the best. They’re a mix of local shredders, and Gravity race kids. With backgrounds in everything! DH, Cross Country, Cyclocross.

And the honest truth is we couldn’t do what we do without them!

Today got a little chilly on us, so here’s the crew in between lessons warming up with a donut by the fire! 🔥 🍩

* if you DONUT know Cumby has a killer bakery! 🤯

#gravitymtb #gravitykids #mtbcoach

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