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A few of our athletes will proudly be wearing some Leatt protection this year, and we feel really good about the safety and thought involved with all their products!
Safety never takes a break!!
Everyone has a story to tell. @officialleatt has one of mystery and problem-solving.
Travel back to the beginning and discover how a tragic accident inspired a South African doctor to solve a unique problem.

🆕 Ep1. The Origins Story....🔺

Full video link in @officialleatt bio.
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Gravity MTB athlete and coach aka FalconHammer @brittfalconer casually flipping her way through the long weekend. She is also hungry for the National sleeve so keep your eyes peeled for this one and give her a follow!! #flipit #likesjumps #CanadaDH #dunbarsummerseries #gravitymtb

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@colestinson_ Absolutely a beauty day out there 🚜
🎥 @i_hanch

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A whole lot of speedy good times have been had over the years and pretty sure there will be many more to come! Race season is coming, hopefully sooner than later!! #CanadaDH #onthehunt #goodtimes #speedisyourfriend #brakless #gravitymtbracing 🥇🥈🥉🏆 ...

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Sometimes in the summer months it’s hard to take the time off your bike to give it a little love.
But snow season = bike love season! ❤️ 🚲

Brake Bleeding! Doesn’t have to be messy and complicated, but does big time improve your bikes feel on the trails.
Flushing the system ensures all air bubbles are removed.
If brakes aren’t bled and there are air bubbles trapped in the brake fluid, hydraulic pressure drops.
This makes your brakes significantly less efficient!

*things to know!!*
What kind of fluid you need, there are two kinds.
DOT and mineral oil. Most bike brakes use mineral oil.
Ask your LBS (local bike shop) what you need to do this at home 👍🏼
*what your flushing out of the system?*
Dirt, air and water can contaminate the system. You may notice dirty oil or bubbles in the oil you’ve removed. That’s good! 👍🏼

Also, favourite pro tip is regular bike washing!
Washing your bike is time to check in with it. Looking at your components and frame more often is a chance to keep things in good repair. In the mucky winter it’s hard to see what’s going on under all that mud!

With the confidence your bike is in good repair you’re more confident to send it 🤘🏼

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UROC has just launched a Trail user survey for 2021 and would like to hear from all of us. Here is a quick survey and all participants are anonymous. Thanks everyone!
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What do you carry when you head out for a solid ride for trail side mechanics? We make sure we have what we need when we are out on the trails coaching our clients. Some important items we carry, tube, @oneupcomponents EDC pump and multi tool, plug and pliers kits, bacon 🥓 of course, extra quick link, Co2, tire boot (just in case) tire lever and gauge, derailleur hanger (compatible for your bike) brake rotor tool, tape, zap ties, and a back up multi tool. We also carry a very extensive first aid kit that we hope we never need to use. Safety never takes a break! Be prepared!
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